Autumn Season Fruits in Australia

May 3, 2019

There is an abundance of robust and delicious fresh fruit available in Australia during the autumn season. Although in many parts of the world, selections of fresh fruits that are locally or regionally grown become limited in the fall, autumn is a good Australian season for healthy fruit harvests. 

Produce markets offer attractive displays of many different ripe, full-flavoured fruits for enjoying freshly cut or sliced at mealtime or in your favourite salads and hot dish recipes. Children who grow up eating an assortment of fine quality fruit that is freshly harvested and marketed frequently develop a keen desire for excellent fruits prepared with meals or eaten as healthy and refreshing snack foods.   

Attractive and Flavourful Meals and Snacks Prepared with Autumn Seasonal Fruits

The list of fresh fruits that are available in Australia during the autumn season is quite long, including such desirable items as apples, bananas, pears, persimmons, figs, grapes, kiwifruit, nectarines, peaches, plums, quinces, lemons, and watermelon. With this fabulous array of fresh, delicious and highly nutritious fruit varieties on display in your neighborhood produce markets, you can enjoy such outstanding healthy meals and snacks as the following: 

• Apple, Fig, and Peach Salad. – A fresh, cool salad of sliced apples, figs, and peaches on a bed of crisp greens and topped with almonds, pinoli nuts or pumpkin seeds is a delightful light meal by itself and also makes a highly refreshing beginning course. The full, energising aromas and flavours of these combined fruits with nut or seed toppings get your lunch or dinner off to a pleasing, nutritious start. 

• Quince, Lemon, and Kiwi Pie. – A tangy, tasty pie or cobbler filled with enticing kiwi, quince and lemon slices offers an irresistible sweet yet healthy snack and will end any meal with a memorable touch of the ultimate desirable indulgence. With this type of health-enhancing dessert, there is no need to count calories or worry about sugar content. After all, it counts as part of your necessary daily fruit intake for maintaining good dietary habits. 

• Plum, Grape, Banana, and Nectarine Smoothie. – A delightful, fragrant, and flavourful smoothie made with a rich blend of plums, grapes, bananas, and nectarines offers a refreshing and energising meal or snack to enjoy during your busy autumn days. These fresh, natural fruit flavours and textures combine beautifully to make this vitalising beverage. You may want to add some freshly cut watermelon for additional light, uplifting taste, 

When you stock your fresh produce market with enticing, fresh autumn fruits from Fruitique Wholesale located in Alexandria, NSW, all of your customers will be delighted with this fine array of excellent quality fresh fruits. Our produce experts will ensure that your regular clients and new buyers alike will purchase all their fresh fruit produce from your bountiful, attractive and irresistibly flavourful, newly harvested autumn fruits across the full expanse of Australia.

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