Choose the Best Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Partner in Australia: Contact Fruitique Wholesale

November 4, 2019

Looking for the best wholesale partner for your fruit and vegetable needs in Australia? Then, Fruitique Wholesale got you covered. With an outstanding team of produce wholesalers located in Sydney, we are dedicated to supply you with only the freshest and most flavourful fruit and vegetables, purees and juices, as well as delicious dried fruits, nuts, and health-enhancing grains in Australia. We are knowledgeable and experienced in taking care of these products so that we can grow, store, and deliver them to the highest of gold standards.

There are three reasons why Fruitique is the best wholesale partner for you.


Fruitique knows that you want to have the best product out there. This is why we are committed to placing our products under meticulous quality control. This makes all our products fresh and at the best condition possible.


The whole product line of Fruitique is produced with consistency and precision. From fruits to vegetables, seeds to nuts, and purees to juices – all of these have consistent freshness, taste, nutritional values, and others for your guaranteed satisfaction.


With our products carrying high quality and consistent properties, Fruitique also knows how to make a good relationship with clients. We have the most friendly and reliable team so that our products can reach your stores as easy as contacting us.

So what products can Fruitique offer you?

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

From mouth-watering sweetness to crisp acidity and savoury delights, Fruitique’s fruit and vegetable selections can provide these all. Your customers are guaranteed to enjoy our wide inventory of fresh-grown produce that we supply on a regular basis, meeting the demand of your buyers.

Frozen Fruit and Purees

The purees and frozen fruits at Fruitique are one-of-a-kind. They are really fresh and delicious that they are ideal for a very hot day. We prepare and grow these produce from the finest sources, and are not infused with any artificial agents. Their tender flavour and garden-fresh quality makes them among the best food to eat for satisfying your tummy.

Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seeds and Grains

Fruitique knows that dried fruits, nuts, seeds and grains can be served as snacks, breakfast foods, salad enhancements, or light foods complimented with soothing drink like hot tea or coffee-based beverage. Luckily, Fruitique offers these products with consistent and high quality features for all wholesale customers and long-term stockists.

High Quality Juices

Juices can deliver satisfaction when being served to people. This is why Fruitique offer specialty juices with the best quality of flavour, aroma and texture readily available to the market. Fruit and vegetables varieties of juices can certainly boost your customer’s energy levels and love for the drink significantly. Choosing the best fruit and vegetable wholesale partner is important for you to deliver consistent quality of produce for your shops. Fruitique Wholesale, located in Alexandria, NSW, can definitely help you with this. Contact us now and join our network’s client list to receive daily wholesale supplies of fresh and flavourful fruit and vegetables and other healthy, vitalising products.

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