Compost-A-Pak®: Environmental Benefits for Packaging of Fruits and Veggies Online Delivery

December 4, 2020

In the midst of the health crisis that we have today, more and more people are trying to incorporate sustainable methods in their lifestyle. Fruitique Wholesale does the same. In our home deliveries, we make it a point to use Compost-A-Pak® for our packaging. They are made from vegetable material and plastic free. Best of all they are Australian Certified Compostable, breaking down to nourish the environment. Here are the environmental benefits for packaging of fruits and veggies online delivery.

Compost-A-Pak®: Environmental Benefits

The magic organic ingredient used in Compost-A-Pak® products is corn. They choose corn as it is an annually renewable crop. Unlike trees, corn can re-grow and be harvested in a single season. The actual crops are deliberately sourced from international GMO-free regions with high levels of rain, to minimise any irrigation. In addition, the actual corn kernels selected are classified as third grade corn. 

The corn is sourced from international GMO-free regions with high levels of natural rainfall to minimise irrigation, and we deliberately select third grade corn. This corn is essentially spoilt corn, and so is  unsuitable for human or animal consumption.

Blown film bags are then manufactured in a range of sizes and styles on purpose built equipment, which has been reengineered to minimise electricity consumption. Compost-A-Pak liners are then printed with soy-based, non-toxic printing inks.

Designed initially to collect organic kitchen waste, Compost-A-Pak® liners are proven to significantly improve waste diversion in large council programs, simply by making it so much more convenient to collect and transport organic waste. With over 50% of Australian household waste organic, reducing the amount sent to landfill can have a significantly positive environmental benefit, and contribute towards reducing the risk of landfill, including the omission of gasses linked to global warming.

Compost-A-Pak®’s products are Australian Certified compostable, for both home composting and industrial composting facilities. The liners breakdown with the organic waste through microbial activity, in the same way as their parent plants, creating a rich soil enhancing compost, perfect for the family vegetable patch, or, in commercial quantities, for organic farming. Importantly, the nutrients taken in the harvesting of corn for manufacturing our bags, can then be returned to the Earth as compost for future crops.

Compost-A-Pak®: for Packaging of Fruits and Veggies Online Delivery

The abovementioned reasons are why Fruitique Wholesale uses Compost-A-Pak®: for packaging of fruits and veggies online delivery. We guarantee a high level of quality, consistency and reliability across our entire product range so we want our packaging to reflect the same values. We only source from the best and are committed to quality control, leaving you with a product that your customers will love. Whether it’s our frozen fruit, our puree or a delicious juice, our unbeatable product line is our difference.

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