Dried Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Grains and Other fibre-rich Food: Now Available Online for Delivery or Pick Up

May 26, 2020

One important thing that people should now practice is the consumption of healthy food products. Eating healthy food and drinking nutritious juices keeps our minds and bodies filled with beneficial nutrients and vitamins. And with an appropriate amount of nutrients, our bodies can easily fight off diseases and viruses that are around us today or in the future. These elements also help us obtain enough energy that will serve as fuel for our everyday tasks and activities.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be considered as the healthiest food products on the planet. They contain almost all nutrients and vitamins that we must acquire for our needed energy and disease-fighting compounds. While most vitamins are needed to make us stronger, one specific element of some fruits and vegetables that is very important for human beings is fibre.

Healthy Benefits of Fibre-rich Food

Fibre, just like other vitamins and nutrients, can be found on some specific plant foods that include dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains. What is unique about fibre is that it cannot be digested or absorbed by our bodies. It may sound bizarre and dangerous, but consuming fibre-rich foods is a lot healthier than you think.

Dietary fibre is a healthy food component that is not digested by our bodies. Instead, it just passes through your stomach, small intestines, colon, and out of your body as part of your stool. By the time the fibre interacts with your body, it then helps your body gain numerous benefits. 

For one, fibre helps normalise your bowel movements and maintain excellent bowel health. Normal consumption of fibre-rich products helps in decreasing your chance of constipation since they help solidify your loose, watery stools.

The presence of fibre also helps in lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar levels. Any chances of high blood pressure and inflammation are significantly reduced with regular consumption of fibre-rich foods. Even the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, diverticular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers are all minimised and reduced with consuming fibre-rich foods. 

Fruitique offers Fibre-rich Foods

We at Fruitique know how important fibre-rich food products are, which is why we offer them alongside other healthy products like fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits and purees, and high-quality juices. We make sure that the quality of our fresh food products is all consistent and reliable to match the needs of all consumers.

Given the adjustments brought by the current global situation, we realised that the opportunity to consume healthy food products must still be given to consumers. Pairing up with Fresho!, our online ordering, live prices, and invoice management system allows us to take your orders without any difficulties and delays. As soon as we receive and verify your orders, we make sure that we prepare your food products for us to deliver them quickly. Alternatively, we also allow customers to pick up orders from our headquarters. If you have some questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us at Fruitique Wholesale. Based in New South Wales, we are your fresh produce specialist that offers delicious juices, frozen and dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains.

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