Frozen Fruits and Purees: Healthy Ingredients for Making Desserts

July 16, 2019

The most popular natural treats for satisfying your taste-buds on a sweltering hot day are delicious and nutrient-rich frozen fruits and purées. Not only are they healthy, cold and refreshing, but they are very effective energising snacks during hot, humid weather. These delightful foods are especially welcome on days when your schedule requires you to be outdoors in the hot sun on your way from one appointment or meeting to another.

Just stopping at your neighbourhood fruit market for your favourite soothing, flavourful frozen fruit or purée refreshment will do wonders to revitalise your energy and uplift your spirits. The pure, natural sweetness and light, vibrant tastes of freshly frozen premium fruits and purées offer the best possible hot-weather coolants and delicious treats.   

Healthy, Enticing Desserts Made From Frozen Fruits and Purées

Irresistible cool and delicious desserts composed of enticing frozen fruits and purées can turn a hot, humid and tiring afternoon into a delightful, relaxing interlude of cooling, rejuvenating refreshment. Some favourite choices among today’s many cool or frozen fresh-fruit treats include the following:

• Frozen Fruits. – Delicious frozen fruit treats are available containing your choice of refreshing natural guava, passionfruit, banana, raspberry or mixed berries. If you prefer a combination of delightful, fresh flavours, you may decide on a frozen fruit combo of cranberry and guava, boysenberry and banana or blueberry and peach blends. You can create your own special desserts based on these fabulous natural treats, such as a frozen cranberry, guava, blueberry and banana tart with a crust of thin whole grain pita bread brushed with honey and topped with lemon chiffon yogurt. 

• Purées. – Delightful purées with natural fruit ingredients of apricots, dragon fruit, kiwifruit, mangoes, pineapple and rhubarb are now available in many fruit markets and natural food shops. When mixed with strawberries, blueberries or boysenberries, they gain even more light revitalising flavours and nutrients. You can mix and match your selections of exotic fruit purées to fashion your own 5-star elegant desserts, such as a chilled, refreshing apricot, kiwifruit and mango purée-mousse topped with chopped almonds, figs and pinoli nuts and whipped soy cream. 

By supplying your produce market owner-clients with delicious fresh frozen fruits and purées from Fruitique Wholesale located in Alexandria, NSW, and serving markets throughout New South Wales, your clients’ regular customers will enjoy the healthiest and flavourful fruit treats available today. Our fresh and frozen produce experts will assist you with selecting the ideal frozen fruits and purées to enable produce market customers across New South Wales and beyond to create their own recipes for 5-star, elegant and healthy fruit desserts that will amaze, rejuvenate and completely satisfy one and all.

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