Fruits and Vegetable Retailing: How Quality Drives More Customer Satisfaction

March 13, 2020

Entering the industry of fruits and vegetable retailing can be challenging at first. You must know a lot of factors to help your business grow as you would normally expect after a few months or even years. Some of these factors include a good supplier for your products, an effective way of promoting your business, a viable location for a physical store, and so on.

Aside from the aforementioned factors, one important factor that you should consider when engaging in fruits and vegetable retailing is the quality of your products. Even if your products are cheaper than the competition, consumers and clients would still gauge the quality of the products. After all, most of them would prefer stores that offer slightly more expensive but high-quality products than stores that sell cheaper yet low-quality products.

Quality over Price

Some store owners believe that dropping the price of their products would surely attract more consumers on buying from them. However, numerous studies have concluded that quality is still the best factor whenever consumers buy products and even services. Don’t get these findings wrong. Offering low priced products tied with a heavy promotion can still guarantee you sales, but quality can have a more impact on your business.

When a business gear towards improving the quality of their products, it is expected to yield higher returns compared to reducing the retail price. Product quality improvement initiatives and programs can also help a business acquire more loyal customers in the long run. As these customers perceive your store as the best provider of fruits and vegetables, they will surely promote your business to other people.

Key Quality Items

Consumers tend to buy fruits and vegetables that are important to them. If these most bought high-quality products are purchased by a lot of consumers in a specific region or country, then they can be identified as key quality items.

Key quality items are a handful of products that can determine the quality of your entire product inventory. These items meet two criteria. The first one is when these items are significant to the customers who will buy it. Consumers can immediately tell if the quality of a product is good or bad. Another criterion is when the item has a high penetration rate in shopping trolleys or baskets. This specific criterion can tell if a lot of consumers buy them or not.

Combining Elements 

Fruits and vegetable retailers must focus on key quality items if they want to boost the performance of their business. One thing to remember though is that these items will differ from one region to another. This difference can also be affected by seasonal changes.

With these key quality items, consumers will then assess the quality of your fruits and vegetables based on three properties: taste, texture, and juiciness. These properties will mostly vary depending on the fruit variety and the ripeness of the fruit.  If you pick the right fruits and vegetables alongside their supplier, then you can expect that your sales will go up by a huge percentage after a few months. Just make sure that you pair these elements with your effective store operations and marketing and you are definitely good to go. If you want to have a great supplier for your fresh produce needs, then you can always contact us at Fruitique Wholesale.

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