Health Benefits of Purees and Frozen Fruits

May 16, 2019

Some fresh fruit enthusiasts think that purées and frozen fruits are tasty, cool and refreshing, but lack the full nutritional value of fresh fruits for meals and snacks. Most natural foods nutritionists agree that freezing can alter the nutritional contents of fruits somewhat. However, sometimes these changes caused by freezing can actually increase the health effects of the nutrients found in fruits.

For example, frozen blueberries have been found to contain more Vitamin C than fresh blueberries. Since minerals such as iron and the fibre content in many fruits are extremely hearty, neither heating nor freezing will affect their nutritional values. Many nutrition experts advise eating as much fruit as possible, in any form that you prefer, since their studies have shown that there is very little difference in the overall nutrient counts of most fresh and frozen fruits.

Major Health Benefits of Purées and Frozen Fruits Consumed During Meals or as Snacks

Purées and frozen fruits eaten during a meal or enjoyed as between-meal snacks are refreshing and revitalising, especially during the hot, humid days of summer. Many people enjoy their favourite fruits served fresh from the freezer or as a smooth, delightful purée. Some interesting facts concerning the health benefits of purées and frozen fruits when consumed as part of your daily diet include the following:

• Frozen Berries Can Lose Nutrients. – Just as fresh berries do, frozen berries will deteriorate somewhat in nutritional content when stored in a freezer that is opened frequently for storing and removing foods. For this reason, it is best to freeze fruits in a deep freezer or at the back of your refrigerator freezer, away from the door. When buying frozen fruits, it is good to look for ones that have been frozen using an “individually quick frozen” (IQF) or similar process to ensure getting excellent quality fruit.      

• Purées and Frozen Fruits Contain Antioxidants. – Fresh, frozen and puréed fruits contain health-enhancing antioxidants that strengthen your immune system while protecting your body’s cells from free radical damage. Many nutritionists report that by including healthy amounts of frozen fruits and fruit purées in your daily diet, you will reduce your risk of developing such serious health conditions as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, high cholesterol and loss of bone density.   

• Heating Purées Reduces Nutrients. – Fruit purées that are prepared in a blender or food processor and served cold, cool or at room temperature will retain their high nutritional counts. However, cooked or heated fruit purées will lose their natural levels of Vitamin C and fibre. Although hot vegetable purées are more common than fruit purées that are served heated, it is good to remember that if you do want to try a hot fruit purée, it will lack the nutritional content that it would offer if served unheated.  

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