High Quality and Healthy Juices: How Would You Know that You’re Buying the Real Ones?

June 29, 2020

When we think of healthy juices, we always picture fruits or vegetables that are being mixed and blended to create a delicious drink. While this process is very simple, several food companies have their own ways of creating this type of healthy drink. Some of them may truly adhere to producing high quality and healthy juices, while others just follow the trend without considering the delicate process of creating juice blends.

You see, several stores sell different types and brands of juices. Most of the time, several juice brands even indicate that they have a certain percentage of nutrients and vitamins to make them look beneficial and healthy for consumers. But if you genuinely want to buy the high quality and healthy juices, you must consider several factors for you to know which of them are authentic and real.

Look Out for Sugar

One of the few mistakes that consumers often do is to completely ignore the label and nutritional ingredients of a product. This type of consumers just purchases whatever product that has creative packaging. Additionally, while juice products from known brands are produced with high-quality, it does not easily mean that they are truly healthy and beneficial for you.

When you read the label and the nutritional ingredients of a juice, you must look for the total amount of sugar added to the product. A little sugar is enough to make your juice good for your health. After all, you do not want your juice to affect the health of your teeth, insulin production, and nutrients on your body.

Check Fibre Content

Another element that you should always consider in buying juices is their fibre content. Most fruits contain sugar in the form of fructose. However, this type of sugar cannot harm your body as you eat since fructose is mixed up in fibre as you some fruits. 

While fibre is essential in making fructose tolerable, several juicing processes that involve fruits or vegetables often remove or break up this type of carbohydrate, which can somehow impact the benefits of fruit or vegetable juices. If you are looking for high quality and healthy juices, then you must find juices that have been freshly squeezed from the pulp.

Assess Juice Colour

Aside from checking the label, you must also assess the colour of the juice. Several juices are placed on transparent bottles or containers, which can be a great opportunity for you to look out for their quality through colour. Juices that are rich in colour often contain a high level of antioxidants and phytochemicals, which are both beneficial for your overall health.

Avoid the Confusion

Lastly, you must know the difference between fruit or vegetable juice and juice drink. A lot of manufacturers tend to add a huge amount of sugar to the juice, which makes the product far from what you have expected. Instead of keeping you healthy, these types of drinks would just contribute to the problems you already have on your body and health.

Pure fruit or vegetable juices contain numerous vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that can make your mind and body strong. They can also prevent you from obtaining life-threatening diseases, just like eating pure fruits and vegetables can do to you. Fortunately, you can check this factor through the label.

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