Marketing Strategies for Retailing Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

March 26, 2020

Retailers of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables can enjoy sustainable earnings since these are the products that people would normally consume all year round. If you are thinking of entering this type of business, you must equip yourself with effective marketing strategies that cannot only help you promote your products but can also educate consumers about the consumption of fresh produce.  

Nutrition Labelling

When you sell your fruits and vegetables, it is recommended that you supply the necessary nutritional information about these products with the help of package labels. Standard nutrition labels include a list of micro and macronutrients found on your fruit and vegetables. These labels also provide information on a product’s serving size and the number of calories per serving. Potential health benefits from your products can also be included on the label.

Preparation Ideas

Some people don’t know how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their meals, which makes them shy away from purchasing fruits and vegetables. As a retailer, you have the power to encourage them in making their own nutritious meal and snacks out of fresh produce. 

Recipes that you will create for your products must be consulted first with professional cooks, registered dietitians, and other related professionals. Once you have consolidated all possible recipes, you can now include some of them on the packaging of specific fruit and vegetables. If the packaging is too small for a lengthy recipe, you can still be creative by placing a QR code or a specific link that redirects the consumer to a detailed recipe and meal preparation steps of the involved produce.

Online Presence

Maintaining an online presence can boost your ability to sell more fresh produce. Preparing recipes out of your products can be shared online with the help of photographs and videos. Moreover, blog posts and e-book that have cooking tips and full recipes for main courses, side dishes, salads, and desserts can also be maximised online. 

You can partner with cookbook authors, bloggers, social media influencers, and television show hosts who want to receive fresh produce for their cooking activities. Working with them can help expand your business’s market reach. You can also sponsor a contest that encourages consumers in developing and submitting their favourite recipes out of your products in exchange for a prize.

Pre-packaged Produce

With available resources, you can pre-package your fruits and vegetables so that your consumers can enjoy additional value out of their purchased products. One pre-packaging option that you can do is to pre-cut vegetables. Some consumers don’t want to spend a lot of time washing, peeling, and cutting vegetables. So, if you will be selling vegetables, you may want to pre-cut some of them to cater to this type of individual. 

Another option for a pre-packaging option is to produce single-serve snacks and meals and party tray. Single-serve snacks are often made up of pre-cut and prewashed vegetables and dips like hummus, crackers, or cheese. Party trays, on the other hand, include vegetable crudités and ranch or onion dip, fruit and cheese platters, and fruit platters with a sweet dip option.

Prepared Meals

There are some consumers who would like to just eat at home without the need to cook for a long time. To help them out, you may want to sell meal kits, heat-and-eat meals, and fully prepared food. Meal kits have pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to cook them, allowing consumers to cook their food with adequate assistance. Alternatively, heat-and-eat meals offer a fully prepared sealed meal that can be heated at a consumer’s convenience. Lastly, preparing hot and cold recipes with fresh fruits and vegetables can also be an option for customers who would want to eat right away.

These marketing strategies for retailing fruits and vegetables can help you boost your business at any given aspect. If you need a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables, you can partner with us at Fruitique Wholesale.

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