Start Your Fruitful 2021 with Fruitique Wholesale Tropical Selection

January 15, 2021

Fruits are nutritious food that can boost the body of all ages. This added boost to our bodies makes some entrepreneurs engage in selling fruits since a lot of people tend to buy fruits on any given day. While some fruits can be harvested and sold throughout the year, some fruits require a particular portion of a year for them to grow before harvesting them for distribution.

If you are among business owners who aspire to become a fruit and vegetable retailer, you must know the right fruits to plant and harvest at a specific given time. Knowing the right season to harvest can help you plan with the type of crop you will be planting. Moreover, a perfect planting pattern and schedule helps you sell more fruits to your clients more efficiently.

Just remember, plan so that you don’t miss the chance of selling seasonal fruits to your clients and long-time business partners. Since summer has come, you must know the selection of products you are expected to sell to your clients. The following fruits are some of the seasonal fruits that you can distribute in Australia.

Our irresistible fresh fruit and vegetable selections offer the whole spectrum of full-bodied sweetness, crispness, acidity and savoury flavour as natural delicacies fresh from the garden. Your customers will delight in the wide variety of fabulous, fresh-grown produce that we will supply on a regular schedule, to meet your buyer demand.

Benefits of Fruitique Wholesale Tropical Selection

Supplying Nutritional Needs

Your body needs greater supplies of different nutrients during different seasons of the year. When you eat citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli and spinach during autumn and winter months, you will stay healthier during cold, stormy weather due to the high content of Vitamins C, E and A. Your body will be prepared to resist colds, flu, sore throats and fever, and you will enjoy better energy levels and avoid fatigue. Summertime fruits like plums, apricots or peaches and vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and squash are high in beta-carotenes and other carotenoids, safeguarding you from sun damage while providing natural sugars for summer energy.  

Eliminating Contaminates

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are shipped to your location from other countries may be contaminated with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Different countries have differing regulations for use of these contaminates in growing produce. Also, some countries do not require regular testing of soil quality in agricultural areas. Toxic metals and other harmful substances may be present in farmland soil and water supplies. Some countries also allow fresh produce to be sprayed with preservative agents before transport to distant markets.    

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