Tom Berries: The Tiniest Tomatoes Now Available at Fruitique Online

February 26, 2021

Tomberries are a reserved name for a minuscule cultivar of tomatoes created by the Dutch organization Eminent Seeds and delivered by the Netherlands organization Littletom BV and appropriated in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Tomberries are about 0.5 to 1 cm in breadth with a normal organic product weight of 1 to 2 grams. They are considered the tiniest tomatoes and are now available at Fruitique Online.

Tomberries Origin

The Tomberry® Tomato was found here in the Netherlands by a diversion Tomato seeds gatherer in 2005. He had more than 500 distinct assortments in a little nursery. Seeds, a Netherlands-based seed advancement organization, led preliminaries with the Tomberry® seed for a long time after this revelation. They attempted to consummate their developing strategies to yield the most ideal natural product from the plant; they needed to guarantee the assortment could effectively fill in a nursery climate at a business scale.

What Makes Tomberries Incredibly Unique?


This is quite possibly the most exceptional features of the Tomberry®. Hailed as the World’s Smallest Tomato, it gauges approximately 0.5 to 1 centimetre in distance across and weighs simply 1 to 2 grams. It very well might be petit, however, the Tomberry® is as yet pressed loaded with succulent flavour, just as all the dietary benefit that you anticipate from our Tomatoes!

How It Develops

We have seen the Tomberry® plant develops correspondingly to wild berry or grape plants – it develops the organic product in bushels! This is different from most Tomatoes, which as a rule fill in neat bunches on a plant. With this kind of developing, Tomberry® plants require significantly more foliage control – these little Tomatoes are hard to tame (have a go at saying that multiple times quick)

Since such countless Tomatoes develop on one bushel, some genuine innovation was expected to concoct a more productive technique for reaping. After a great deal of following, Eminent Seeds found that the simplest method to collect the Tomberry® is by removing a whole bushel, leaves and all, and allowing it to dry out. When the leaves and stem are totally dry, we can essentially shake off our minuscule Tomatoes, get them together, and transport them to a supermarket close to you! There’s for sure – the Tomberry® is one unique Tomato assortment!


Tomberry® Tomatoes are likewise extraordinarily versatile – we would contend that there are a larger number of approaches to eat a Tomberry® than some other Tomato assortment out there! Similarly, as with Cherry or Grape Tomatoes, a small bunch of Tomberry® Tomatoes make a bright lunchbox tidbit that requires around 10 seconds to pack. They’re not difficult to eat in a hurry, at the recreation centre, on a climb, or during a long vehicle ride – whatever you’re doing, Tomberry® Tomatoes will make the ideal sound nibble alternative!

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