Wide Selection of Best Fresh Produce Across Australia: Come to Fruitique Wholesale

January 8, 2020

People nowadays prioritise products that are authentic and fresh. As for food, consumers want to eat products that are fresh and free from any harmful chemicals. As the chemical-dependent food products come into the surface, a lot of people are now more cautious on the food that they buy in the market. They believe that some retailers and stores are still selling chemically induced food products despite numerous studies about them. 

Fortunately, a lot of people are now more aware of how fresh food looks like. Take a group of fruits and vegetables as an example. People can now tell which of them are genuinely fresh and are taken out of the farm. So, if you are looking for a supplier of the best fresh produce across Australia, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fruitique Wholesale Has Everything You Need

Fruitique Wholesale has been on the fresh produce market for a long time. We have been growing and supplying fresh fruits, vegetables, other products to different retailers across Australia. With the help of our expertise in growing crops, we always guarantee that we have the healthiest, most nutrient-rich, and most popular food products in the whole town.

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – The most common food in the food pyramid consists of fruits and vegetables. What makes them the most prominent to all other food is that they contain vitamins and minerals that help our bodies become stronger. These food products also prevent us from getting sick. We offer fruits and vegetables in a spectrum of full-bodied sweetness, crispness, savoury flavour that are fresh from our garden. We offer both seasonal and year-round fruits and vegetables. 
  • Frozen Fruit and Purées – Fruitique Wholesale are fortunate enough to know the basics of maintaining the quality properties of both frozen fruits and purées. Obtained from the very finest sources, both of these products are delicious with very tender flavour and garden-fresh quality. For purées, there are tons of options for your retailer to choose from. Ranging from apricots, dragon fruits, to mangoes, these purées can provide a huge difference to the daily food intake of your consumers. 
  • Nutritious Juices – Just like fresh fruits and vegetables, consumers also want fresh juices. With our fresh juices, your consumers may experience the best quality of flavour, aroma, and texture available now in the market. Through our years of experience, we know how to make the greatest nutritious juices available in the market. Our perfect mixes of nutritious juice available are apple and guava, blueberry, grape, and apple, and passion fruit and apple. 
  • Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, and Grains – These products have been the perfect snack to sell to your consumers. These products are the best food to eat for those who are always on the go. Your consumers can quickly store and bring these food products along with them wherever they are. Your consumers will enjoy a lot with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains since they are compatible with a soothing drink like hot tea or coffee-based beverage. 

All of this fresh produce can help you gain more consumers, especially if you get these products from us. If you want to know more about our products and how to get them, contact us now at Fruitique Wholesale. 

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