Citrus Fruits Online: Types of Citrus Fruits and How Can They Help Protect Your Body?

April 11, 2023

In addition to being delicious, citrus fruits have several health benefits. As these fruits are vitamin C powerhouses and improve the immune system, individuals frequently choose them. Some even consume them during the winter to fend off colds and flu. These fruits offer many nutritious ingredients in addition to adding colour to your food. In this post, we’ll go over the many types of citrus fruits and some of the benefits that it offers.

What are The Types of Citrus Fruits?

Countries like Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Southeast Asia are where citrous fruits were first produced. Yet today, they can be found all over the world in tropical and subtropical regions. The various citrous fruit varieties that you can find nowadays are listed below:

  • Mandarins: Satsuma, Clementine, Tangor, Tangelo
  • Sweet Oranges: Valencia, Navel, Blood Orange, Caracara
  • Limes: Persian, Key Lime, Kaffir
  • Lemons: Eureka, Meyer
  • Grapefruit: White, Ruby Red, Oroblanco
  • Other Types: Citron, Sudachi, Yuzu, Pomelos

Now that you know the different types of citrus fruits there is, it is now time to discover their wonderful health benefits, which include the following:

An Excellent Source of Fibre

Citrus fruits are high in fibre. Oranges for instance, contain 4 grammes of fibre per cup. In addition to helping you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, fibre also lowers your blood cholesterol levels. The soluble-to-insoluble fibre ratio is higher in citrus fruits.

Good for Your Heart

The heart benefits of citrus fruits are tremendous. According to several health studies, increased consumption of these fruits may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. A 2017 study found a possible connection between grapefruit consumption and a drop in systolic blood pressure. Citrus fruits are bursting with compounds that raise heart health indicators. Citrus fruit flavonoid naringin has various heart-healthy properties.

Minimise the Risks of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can cause unbearable discomfort and develop when your urine contains many minerals that can form stones. Low citrate levels also contribute to kidney stone formation. Citrus fruits may increase the amount of citrate in your urine and reduce the risk of kidney stones as a result.

Keep You Hydrated

Fruits like citrous have more water in them. As a result, they help your body perform a number of activities and keep you hydrated all day. Because citrus fruits are packed with juice, this may be why orange and Sweet Lime (Mosambi) Juice are two of the most widely consumed juices worldwide.

Improves Your Immune System

Citrus fruits’ vitamin C will strengthen your immune system. You already know that citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C, which boosts your defences.

Citrus fruits are effective against various diseases because they contain powerful compounds. But instead of drinking fruit juice alone, try eating whole citrus fruit to enjoy its benefits. At Fruitique Wholesale, we can deliver fresh citrus fruits to your doorstep. Order online to get the freshest produce available, or contact us for more details. You may also check out other healthy fruits that you can add to your diet here.

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